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Tue, 06/07/2011 - 09:14 -- Bee

A representative of the Historic Royal Palaces (capitalisation their own) just wrote to ask if I can change a link on a post. From 2005.

In a slightly related note, I have just spent several obsessive hours in the archives. Yes, it is true, I keep everything.... the question is, can I find it again? But anyway, I dusted off a bunch of stuff that I myself formatted. Except my computer INSISTS that 1/3 of the words are spelled incorrectly.... cause my machine is now properly British.

While my files are forever defiantly American.



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lol -- I have gotten used to seeing my computer tell me I have misspelled certain words since I insist on using the British spelling : )

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Me too! I prefer 's' to 'z' in words like analyze/analyse. Just looks better.

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