Resolution 205 on Home Deliveries

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SF talked about this in another thread, so I just wanted to throw it up here:

Resolution 205: Home Deliveries

Wow. Let's make sure that these pregnant women have to pay as much as they possibly can for their labor, not just monetarily, but in every way.
Goddamn them for getting pregnant, but at the same time, make sure that they keep their babies, at all cost, whether they want to or not.
This is the fucking country that we live in. What bullshit.

And here's an interesting commentary on this:


If I hadn't had a homebirth, I would have had a C-section within four hours of my labor. Because I had a CPM (lay midwife), I labored for forty hours, drug free, and had a healthy, 10 pound baby.

Unlike these so-called "professional" midwives (CNMs) who assist with hospital births, and can literally get this certification online, my midwife (CPM), who they refer to as a "lay midwife" did three years of schooling at Birthingway college, with an apprenticeship, as all of the CPMs there are required to do.
Professional my ass.


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i don't want to double post, so regarding 'the man' check out my response to expat's post about the ACOG and ricki lake. i have a funny feeling you've had the same thoughts before...

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I thought I commented (ranted) on Expats post about this. It must have gotten eaten.

I pretty much said exactly what you just did SQ. It is transparent, idiotic and misogynistic.

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funny how the AMA is so concerned about celebrities giving birth at home. They didn't write that damned resolution when I was having homebirths (and writing a term paper for a cultural anthropology class about the fear mongering the AMA engages in regarding birth)--14 years ago. Now that Ricki Lake did it, it's suddenly unsafe?

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I bet it would be great publicity to have your actual name and performance in an AMA resolution.

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I think it's interesting that they had no problem with Angelina or Britney's planned C-sections -- planned for 2 weeks before their due dates to make sure that their hips didn't enlarge. But, major abdominal surgery is cool, since they're making the bucks on it.

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"Fundamentally the markswoman aims at herself" DT Suzuki

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I am sick to death of people in the public eye planning C-Sections! That is some seriously dangerous stuff.