What would you do?

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Would you reconsider your marriage?


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Go see a marriage counselor. There are some issues you guys need to work out and it sounds like he needs to be held accountable and more communication needs to happen.
I hope things work out.

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Something I read or heard once said that if one person wants a kid (or another kid) and the other person doesn't then the person who doesn't "wins" because otherwise the kid will pay the price. It makes sense to me...

I agree that maybe sitting down and talking to someone impartial may be helpful. If he is reluctant to go, remind him that he is 50% responsible for this pregnancy!

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And no, I would not have a baby my partner didn't want. But that's me, not you, we have different lives, perspectives, values, personalities, etc. I would reconsider the marriage if we were not in agreement on whether or not to have kids or the number of kids. Professional counseling is definately needed for issues that big though, I really urge you to seek it out. Good luck mama!

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declare war and let him know what an ass he is being, over and over! until he gets it!
explain to him how it happened, and if he can't get it make sure he knows you think its selfish and ignorant of him to act like that.
I would be a big bitch until he either moved out or came around. take no prisoners.


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Something else.

If it were me, there is NO WAY in hell I would consider an abortion if it was anyone's idea but my own. YOU are the one to deal with the consequenses from that one - just as you are the one who really has to deal with the consequences of an unplanned pregnancy. This one really ain't about him. Let him be pissy.

Or alternately, I'd choose #4 - ignore him and get on with your life.

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...I think my first urge would be to throw him out, but that is the irrational part of me thinking. I would probably give a combination of making life a living hell and counseling. He has to realize that you're not the only one that had a role in making this child, and he needs to understand that or go.

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the being accused of screwing someone else/stealing sperm is the straw that would break this camel's back!!! I would give him time to think about it, some serious time to grow up and stop treating him like shit. Do NOT consider an abortion just for him!! no way! if you want this baby that is your right. If the immature crap didn't stop and he wasn't willing after a few weeks to come to terms with OUR actions then I would boot him. Maybe not forever but for a while...
good luck and *vibes*
"If nothing else, life in the suburbs promised that you might go from day to day without finding shit in our hair." ~ David Sedaris

"If nothing else, life in the suburbs promised that you might go from day to day without finding shit in our hair." ~ David Sedaris

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and drag DH's there, too. immediatly. before even spending another second considering any other option.

sorry you're dealing with this right now. hugs to you.