Start a Mama's playgroup...

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I decided to start a Mama's Playgroup in my town; I made posters and my kids handed them out at our local farmers market, we also posted them at our library and around town. It was suposed to start yestarday but it was so hot that I missed my own group (oops) I hope that after awhile it really becomes a kick-ass group of mamas..... Here is what the posters say:

Mama’s Play Group
All ages (kids & mama’s) welcome!

Feeling overwhelmed from the summer heat?

Looking for some new friends?

Want to meet up with some other mamas and discuss “adult� topics while the kids play?


Parenting, Politics, breastfeeding, pregnancy & birth, current events, the school-system or home-school, exercise, healthy eating, marriage and single-parenting and other topics of interest!

Bring a snack to share, yourself & your kids


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for taking the initiative!

I just had to chuckle cuz' I organized something similar for our daycare - it was just a Saturday play time at the park - and then I forgot to go to it. Ha.