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Random Things I'm Noodling On

Sat, 06/16/2012 - 21:21 -- Susan

The boss recommended I read Steve Jobs' bio, so I did. It was alright. I think with tighter editing it would have been more enjoyable for me, but I got pretty good about just skimming when I couldn't read another line about how he thought normal rules didn't apply to him. Once you've drilled a bit home, you can let it go... But, it was interesting, both for the things he was very successful at as well as the things he was extraordinarily human and flawed at. All the examples of things done really well, and so many examples of how *not* to do things.

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Bike ride today!

Sun, 04/15/2012 - 09:47 -- Susan

Going out for a bike ride today. Can't wait to get on the trail and see the new upgrade part of it. Then later, I think we're maybe going to REI to get the little one a new bike that fits. She learned to ride last year at the tail end of the summer on a bike that only just barely fit her and her little muppet legs.

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Wed, 11/02/2011 - 22:09 -- Susan

The first week of October, I set up an appt to meet with a potential teacher for M1 so she could have private cello lessons. I come from a musical family, my grandfather was a concert pianist on one side, my mother's side has some general musical inclination, my parents received musical education, my brother and I both received musical education, and I believe it's important for my kids to receive musical education (and they're both interested in it, so it's not like it's something we're forcing here).

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Tue, 06/28/2011 - 22:31 -- Susan

So annoyed. Damn my "safe places." For 12 years I've carried around with me the sketch I made of the tattoo I want to get, in one bag or another. With the move from this last laptop bag to the current, I pulled it out and put it somewhere "safe."

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Birth Stories? Anyone want to share?

Tue, 11/24/2009 - 19:14 -- Susan

I'm getting the birth story section started up in our features again. We used to have one & I don't know where those stories are. All you need to do if you want to contribute is post the story on your hipmama blog (or let me know the URL for the one you've already written in your hipmama blog) & I'll add it to the collection!

For now go ahead and respond to this thread, but once it falls off the front page, PM me. This is an opt in thing, you need to let me know you want it done. :)


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Ada Lovelace Day

Mon, 03/23/2009 - 23:36 -- Susan

I took a pledge to write about a woman or women in technology for Ada Lovelace Day this year. My post can be found at Susan's Beeswax (it's due to self publish at midnight, so if it's not quite midnight yet & you want to read it, hang on just a little longer)... It's amazing what the early women in computer history did. Initially computer was their job title. As in, "a woman who computes" (complex math long-hand!), eventually transferring to the machine itself. Amazing, amazing women!

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Interesting post in the NYT on dating violence & teens

Fri, 03/20/2009 - 11:10 -- Susan

From the NYT:

On blogs and social networking sites, teenagers are having an e-shouting match about this highly publicized episode — perhaps the first time their generation has been compelled to think aloud about dating violence.

And what may be surprising is the level of support for Mr. Brown. While thousands of teenagers have certainly turned on Mr. Brown, many others — regardless of race or gender — defend him, often at Rihanna’s expense...


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