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Fri, 11/19/2010 - 21:00 -- Bee

There are many aspects of this new London life that I like, but I am absolutely infatuated with the British Film Institute.

The film premieres, retrospectives, special events, and extensive archives provide incalculable delights. Iain has wondered if I actually live in a cupboard under Southbank, since I'm there so often.

If only.

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Thu, 11/18/2010 - 21:00 -- Bee

I've been here six years, and I'm now officially British, yet I still cook with a melange of US and UK recipes and measuring apparatus. With no discernible skill, aptitude, or understanding of the metric system.

Cause I like to keep things lively?

The more likely answer is that I just don't care; I've never aspired to any level of domestic excellence. Except perhaps in terms of the equipment, but in that I am adamantly opposed to conspicuous consumption. My kingdom for a logo free mixing bowl!

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Wed, 11/17/2010 - 21:00 -- Bee

I became a parent before I was officially an adult, and have devoted the better part of twenty years to that project, in fundamental and fierce ways.

It took ruthless and heartbreaking commitment to launch this family on our grand international adventure.

Of course I suffer from the classic complaint of immigrant intolerance, and have a tendency to ask my eye-rolling offspring if they understand how good their lives are, compared to mine at the same age.

Yeah, whatever, cancer cancer poverty poverty blah-blah!

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Tue, 11/16/2010 - 21:00 -- Bee

Uh. Britain. Are you serious about these new immigration policies? Really?

When I moved here six years ago my visa was issued on the merits of a spouse who had to prove that nobody in the United Kingdom could do his job. The visa allowed all four of us to remain for five years, during which time we had no recourse to public funds, although we were obligated to pay local and national tax.

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Mon, 11/15/2010 - 21:00 -- Bee

Recent political reports reminded me that I do not claim allegiance with any political party because I find them all equally - and therefore repugnantly - flexible.

Call me naive but I expect politicians to stick with their own stated platforms. The Lib-Dems were elected in large part on a pledge to reduce or eliminate UK tuition fees. Now they have not only retreated from that promise, they are the critical factor in approving the massive fee increase.

So, basically, Lib-Dems are liars.

Good to know.

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Sun, 11/14/2010 - 21:00 -- Bee

Economic indicator: Taxes & surcharges on a single roundtrip ticket to the states? £254.90.

That, my friend, is more than the ticket itself. Business people don't care, but a family? It can hurt. Although, for the first time ever, I can afford to buy myself a ticket without worrying about how we will pay for food this month.

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Mon, 11/08/2010 - 21:00 -- Bee

With stunning efficiency, the authorities just noticed I pulled my kid out of school. Two years ago. In a different county.

Since I followed the correct procedures, this means that it took the council exactly that amount of time to process the paperwork. Amusing for me, as my family does not require support or intervention. Not especially thrilling for the people who might need help - namely the kids who drop out of school for significant financial or social reasons.

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Sat, 11/06/2010 - 21:00 -- Bee

My household has for the last twenty or so years been funded by high-tech dollars. I dwell more on the entertainment side, my sweetheart more on the infrastructure side, but we are both hardened veterans of the industry. We are also, like most of our colleagues, immigrants.

Now I read that a recently elected Prime Minister who promotes anti-immigration policy wants to take credit for an industry that grew up organically around people like me, while restricting immigration of people like me.

Does that make any sense whatsoever?


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Thu, 11/04/2010 - 21:00 -- Bee

Bonfire Night: the first time since moving to the UK that I do not need to move & guard my boat on the holiday!

I would say I miss her, but she sends postcards.

Instead of festivities and fireworks I found myself consulting the internet for guidance on subjects such as best or favourite emergency room then whisking my charming companion away for a night of frolics in the A&E.

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Wed, 11/03/2010 - 21:00 -- Bee

Now that I own a table, I can throw dinner parties! Though the guest list is strictly limited by the number of chairs. And forks.

In other news, I surfaced from unpacking only long enough to take note of the fact that Stephen Fry claims women do not like sex. Or to be more specific, that they do not typically engage in cottaging. Translation: picking up strangers for anonymous encounters, often conducted in shrubbery or (historically) public restrooms.


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