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the plot thickens

Wed, 03/07/2012 - 09:01 -- Bee

When the skin cancer specialist heard that the genetic test was negative, he laughed and said "The plot thickens!"

Then he examined my face, and ordered more biopsies.

One of the more alarming aspects of my skin cancer is the fact that the tumours are unusual. No general practitioner I've ever met could accurately diagnose a lesion, and very few dermatologists have been willing to treat me.

Looking at my own face, I couldn't see what the doctor wanted to remove.

I could only see the scars.

But that is irrelevant, and the appointment was arranged.

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Remember when I pissed off some people here...

...because I said that poverty is a known cause of depression, and if the Psychiatric Profession isn't doing anything to work toward an end to poverty, then they are kidding themselves about helping people?

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update on me and mine

well dang just want to say hello i havn't been here in probably years i just do the facebook hipmama. hope all you ladies i know are doing well. things aren't so great for me but hell when have they been? lol denessa is in 2nd grade doing totally fabulous in school, carlisle will start kindergarten next fall. i am currently homeless and jobless barely keeping my mind together and i mean just barely. but well im mostly used to life being just plain shitty, but i have my girls who are healthy happy smart and beautiful. much love ladies, jess

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Setting out together

My son is four months old.

I hold you. Your bird like profile is turned to the light: a bedside lamp you stare at with almost religious adoration. Your tiny face in front of mine, your bum curled into my arms and legs dangling at my tum. Several times a day, in my arms after a feed you turn to the light. These are our quiet, peaceful moments when you are full and I hold you, breathe you, feel you. This is how I know you.

And I think of how you are travelling to eighteen. How, no matter what I do in many ways, you will get there, god willing. Yet this is fleeting, for if we are blessed, in two decades you will be a big, strapping lad, stoppy even and I will no doubt miss this. But for now, this is all I know as I begin to accompany you on your Great Big Journey to a place I cannot begin to imagine.

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So, as I was saying....

What is an apology, after all?

Why do we apologize?
Why don't we?

Here's a little article that addresses different kinds of apologies, amongst other things:

And here's one that talks about three necessary steps in an apology:

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Thinking about the future

not so much the catastrophic end of the world kind of future. More like the "what am I going to do when T moves out of the house"? kind of future. I would like to figure out a way either through or just through regular housemates, to pay less rent. I don't want housemates as long as I have the kid in the house. It's just too much. I've tried it a lot over the years and it's generally been a miserable failure. I was thinking about airbnb beause it's all short-term, a couple nights, a week.

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Am i cold?

If i feel like i have to get my freakin' two year old off my boob and outta my bed? I want my body back and a little free space. I wanna have a sex life again. I always thought i'd wait until he showed signs of being ready and initiating either of those things, but half the times when he's nursing now i feel like i'm gonna crawl out of my skin- i don't know why but i just find it creepy crawly irritating. It used to be so sweet.

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Marching on....

1. the internet is wonderful for immediate feedback when you do something creative

2. eating over a cupful of spinach with my breakfast

3. i think a mug of warm cocoa made from (gasp) real milk did help me get to sleep the other night

4. fresh salmon cakes for dinner last night

5. yummy leftover chicken tortilla soup for lunch today

6. classical music

7. looking forward to seeing my youngest daughter this weekend (when she & her bf come to pick up Little Dude for the afternoon)


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