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stupidity is malice

this is sort of related to maggles' point from the other day about people going through life harming people, without the express intent to do so.

i've come to feel, over the last few years, that being stupid is malicious and antisocial, and often a choice.

it would be unwise for me to state what happened in my life to bring this up, being a public forum, but it's solidifying my view that stupidity causes more harm to more people than anything else.

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Spring is Alive!!

my fermentation experiments continue. warm weather is allowing me to open windows and attract - in my own mind anyway - lots of wild airborne yeasts for my fermented vegetables, kombucha, and now sourdough starter. did you know you can just make your own friggin sourdough starter? it's true, you do NOT need someone to give you a starter. you need water, flour and patience.

essentially, you take equal parts water and flour, mix it up, and let it sit for a while, about a week. stir it often to stimulate the process by distributing the yeasts.

the temperature in my house is erratic, so i placed mine in a ball jar in my bedroom, and tried to keep that temperature more stable with a space heater. i was sure it wasn't working, it was just a liquid mess. i took some advice from the wild fermentation book and dropped some blueberries in there. that white stuff on the outside of berries and grapes is natural, wild yeast, attracted to the fruit. drop those in there whole to introduce good yeasts. being winter, my berries were imported, so they're not truly wild NJ yeast, but fuck it.

once i did that, i could see things start happening.

the Mr is - we'll call it - tolerant of my little experiments, but remains convinced that i'm breeding botulism and i'm gonna kill us all. so naturally when he asked with a frightened look on his face what "those little black things are" i told him i'm pretty sure it's a good mold, probably some form of beneficial mushroom. heh.

look at that picture. see the little white spots? those are the tiny bubbles of the fermentation. you will see more of them around the blueberries.

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grats today

Things for which I am grateful today:
1. I live in an area where there is a Farmer's Market Year Round. Local produce, fresh, and mostly organic. I sometimes think of it as a hassle, going down to the Farmer's Market, and I am lucky enough to be able to think that way.

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I keep thinking about blogging, but have had a hard time organizing my thoughts. I don’t know how much I am comfortable sharing and what my feelings are about a lot of this stuff. So I just I decided to post, without the process. Just set the scene.

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It has been a while since I have been here. I had a baby and kind of went crazy. He is now six months old. Before I gave birth to him, Hipmama became a wonderful online community for me. And then there was the birth. After Leopold came, I had a rough time. I was really happy to go back to work and it helped our relationship grow because I got a chance to miss him. But my spirit was not growing, it was shrinking at a fast rate. I started to use beer to deaden my over active hormones and other aspects of self.

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1. Did yoga in a nice studio in San Francisco today. The studio is on a cable car line, or I mean, a street where the cable car passes. Hearing the cable cars pass while hanging upside down in some-thing-or-other asana was pretty cool.
2. Nice weather.
3. Found a cool little desk on the sidewalk today and a cute metalhead (taken, shucks) helped me load it into my car. Now I can get rid of the massive, ugly Ik*a piece of crap that just collects unpaid bills and other trash.
4. Decaf PG Tips.

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superhero skills

Sat, 03/10/2012 - 09:03 -- Bee

Observation: wandering around with a bandaged face is akin to having superhero skills. I'm invisible! People look at me, and their eyes slide away. . .

Except, of course, the people who stare, point, and whisper.

I thought I was used to this sort of thing but I forgot, or refused to believe, what it always feels like. My default setting is to ignore whatever I cannot change and this would fall under that heading, but honestly, the whole thing is tedious.

I've been thinking I should write CANCER across the bandages. Just to, you know, clarify.

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the proper way to get hit by a car in NJ

there must be something wrong with how i walk through parking lots because for the second time in a year, i was hit by a car in one. the first time was a middle aged woman, more interested in spotting open spaces than pedestrians. i'm walking pretty fast, too fast to stop myself once noting - oh shit - that car ain't stopping, so i end up getting hit in the knee midstride, as the car keeps moving. now, i'm pretty convinced that even while she didn't see me before hitting my knee, she did see me afterward and decided to resume looking for a space.

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My Kid

This is for all you mamas who don't live in Oakland and who couldn't come and see my kid perform. For reference, she's the "bad guy", a maniacal Jaqueline-in-the-Box who runs Toy Town (a toy store) and manipulates all the toys into thinking that they want to be sold, or to sell out. It's the night before Black Friday, and Toy Town is surrounded by Occupy protestors. The toys are just about to realize that there is more to life than being sold, but first Jaqueline has a few words to say about Power and The System and hippie tree-huggers!


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