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you can't argue with cancer

Fri, 03/23/2012 - 15:09 -- Bee

When the bandages came off for the first time I stared at myself in the mirror for awhile, then turned to Byron. I said "Normal people would be really upset right now, wouldn't they?"

He looked, and sighed, and said "Yes."

Lucky I'm not vain, or normal.

The surgeon was impeccably conservative, taking only the tissue that needed to be removed, and verifying each layer with diagnostic tests. The reconstruction was performed by a world class plastic surgeon, and he feels he achieved an "excellent result."

Would you like to know what that looks like?

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everything is better with a cuppa

Wed, 03/21/2012 - 10:07 -- Bee

When I described the surgery to my daughter she said "So they're going to slice you up like prosciutto?"

Yes, exactly.

Except I was awake throughout and ham is normally, you know, dead.

Have you ever had surgery served up in courses, with intermissions in which you sit around with an open wound, waiting for the lab to say if the entire tumour has been removed? And if it hasn't, you get to go back under the knife, again, then wait for the lab results, again, repeat? For hours, and hours, and hours?


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got my hair highlighted silver

in reality i have some gray hair. i decided to quit exposing myself to the toxic chemicals of hair dye that i've been using on and off - mostly on - for about 25 years. i started going gray in high school, and this is when i also started using hair dyes, the two being actually completely unrelated. my family is graced with fantastic grey hair in its older generations, so i looked forward to a nice white-silver sheen. i always said i would grow my hair long so i could have long hippy grey braids. always wanted to do that.

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so, I've been doing yoga

for a few months, a class called yoga punx. I really like the class because it is designed for people who might not otherwise take a yoga class. It's an all-levels class, and it's NOT in a hot room (it's in a funky warehouse in the Mission area in San Francisco), and it's donation based, and the teacher plays old punk rock while we do yoga (California Uberalles was a featured tune the other night). I go once or twice a week. I've also checked out some other yoga classes, other teachers, proper studios.

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Sat night blues-

It's hailing. I'm so tired- finally getting a break. Spent much of past 24 hours helping a new suicidal teen. Amazing person and it had my name on it. Loving my beautiful son a ton and appreciating him endlessly- worrying about him and his complex two home life- and it is so damn tiring. I'm really ready to have a real life companion but I'm not ready to spend my little restorative moments In work of dating. My back hurts, my stomach hurts. I need rest , quiet, yoga, writing. Intimate time with a true partner would be wonderful but I'd rather go to the car wash then on a date.

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uh, remember that thing i said about the co-option of Occupy?

this "music festival" is happening in mid-may, actively soliciting donations.... and charging $35-$55 admission.

no lineup has been announced, though they are careful to clarify that there will be international acts.

from their site:
The Occupy Festival is endorsed by the Occupy Chicago organization. The festival is contributing to the Occupy movement by donating 50% of all profits to Occupy Chicago.

If you support the cause, help keep it alive:


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I love doing taxes

Yes, you read that right. I'm not so fond of paying them, per se. Although I haven't had to pay for a long time, due to the offspring. I think next year I might lose my EIC (as T will be 18) and then I'll have to pay, but that's not the point. I like, no, LOVE filling out the forms, figuring out if, for instance, I claim car expenses then I get less EIC money, so maybe it's better not to claim car expenses, and not worry about how claiming the car for biz use might change my insurance rates, blah blah blah. I like to see the numbers rise and fall, rise and fall.


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