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do YOU have references?

looking around for a new place to live.

all in all, as much as my landlords suck, the fact that they're not outright breaking the law really places them in the upper echelons of landlords. the fact that they lie and manipulate and are excitable... small trade off for not having to deal with the hassles of owning property.

still not ready to buy, don't know if i ever will be. it is an INCREDIBLE pain in the ass.

so part of my plan is to rent until the kid goes to college, which is in five short years.

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1. Oxtail stew.
2. Modified 3 shirts and a pair of yoga pants.
3. My landlady called me today--to ask how to dye her granddaughter's hair blue--I'm grateful that she didn't bitch about my rent check being a day late last week.
4. My client who is a firefighter, amongst other qualities. I heart her. She is awesome.
5. Ancient Ways.
6. Night off from kid.
7. Mud.
8. Finding a really good lipstick.
9. Turning off the computer.
10. Freckles.

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Oester grat pack

1. Yoga punx.
2. The Harmonium (played around with one for the first time today)
3. Smoked pork chops and baked beans.
4. Doing Gene Kelly impressions with my kid.
5. I cleaned my house.
6. Chenille plant.

7. Living in the moment.
8. Not being a boy!
9. Old suitcases.
10. Candles for casting spells.

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when do you start paying attention?

i watched this thing play out on twitter, which reinforced my love of twitter even though i rarely make time for it. not because i love a fight, which part of me does, but because i loved watching a professional "writer" struggle so publicly with words, attempting and failing humiliatingly to delineate herself from doug stanhope - who actually is brilliant with words - in the exact opposite juxtaposition that ended up happening. a drunk can tweet in 140 characters more substance than she can fit into a 8-paragraph composition. i love that.

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true facts

Thu, 04/05/2012 - 16:31 -- Bee

Did you know that belief in magical bunnies is mandatory if one wishes to receive baskets of treats? True fact. This is especially crucial in countries where baskets of treats do not routinely materialize during spring feasts.

In other spring festival news, my very own magical mama is visiting to celebrate her 60th birthday. I thank her, with fervent sincerity, for raising me with a wild and fierce love. Then letting me go.

On the subject of growing up, this week Salon is featuring a story I wrote about being a teenager, having cancer, and Madonna.

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I might have a "problem"

I've been buying a lot of plants lately. A LOT. Like $200 worth this month. Like I'm paying my rent late this month.
But, I don't regret any of the purchases. I like the idea that I might end up with a garden that is interesting, instead of merely weedy. I'm trying to work toward drought-friendly plants. But I sometimes end up buying weird ones, just because...a black petunia? Black stemmed mint? A black succulent? A red begonia? Black mondo grass? I did resist the kangaroo paw plant (creepy, fuzzy, weird) because it was $20.


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