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joining a new food co op

just give me the straight poop, would you be able to work with this? it's a new (to me anyway) kind of food co op that has no brick and mortar store. it's coordinated by volunteers, and people go to farms collecting produce, as well as having them shipped to the volunteer's house, where more volunteers split up the "shares." as a co op member, you buy shares, and that's it.

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An apology

If you could ask for, and receive, an apology for ONE thing that has happened to you, what would it be? How would your life change if you got that apology? (Not to be confused with going back and making that thing go away. An apology in the here and now.)

(What is an apology, anyway? What does it do to the person issuing the apology? To the person receiving it?)

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funny things, intentional and otherwise

so it came to light that i am a favorite recurring character in lil' filth's little routines.

my kid got into acting when she was about.... what was she ten? nine. she was great, for a kid who just started, for a nine year old. seriously, we send her to a pretty good theater academy, and audiences can be heard saying "who's that kid?" and some other parents have approached me to say things like "i hope you really push her with that, she has real talent."

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what was I saying my new year's resolution thingy was?

Make music, right? Use that viola and the pedals and put together a set list and perform, right? Uh....guess who got offered a gig tonight? Someone, somewhere, not me. Just kidding. I finally showed up at orchestra rehearsal (Community Women's Orchestra), thank Maude I've already played one of the pieces before, and one is the Beethoven "Egmont", so I really am only freaking out about one piece. Playing violin--they need 2nd violins, as usual. Full up at the Inn de la Viola, so I have to stay at the second fiddle manger.

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February 14: i love you hipmama

because i'm a sap, i was reminded by story corps to say i love you to people while i still have the chance.

this place looks dead a lot of the time, this is definitely a transition time, but i respectfully remind the longstanding readers and contributors that we have had a tremendously rich history here, so many things have gone down, good and bad and it's always been interesting.

so happy whatever day, i love you.


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