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T-Dizzle Graduated tonight

And so I bid hipmama a fond adieu.
Started on this site when there were still "forums". Have been blogging fairly regularly for over 8 years. But I never got a cover story, never got a mention from the people who publish the site, never a thanks for creating content. It's like being a mom, I suppose. You put it out there into the world and hope it makes a difference, but there's no real way to know.
PM me if you want my email or FB handle.
Wish my children well as they transition into adulthood.
Take care of yourselves and your own children, too.

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It's been a while.

Sat, 06/09/2012 - 20:23 -- Birdie

I graduated from college! Got a job in my field. Love what I do.

Waiting to have an ultrasound on my throat to determine whether or not I have thyroid issues, waiting for more blood test results. My mother had Hashimoto's Disease, so I'm genetically predisposed. Trying to psych myself up to being able to deal with the results, whatever they may be.

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I needed a 50 item grat list.

1. I am grateful for the health of my children. I often forget that there are children that are sick with cancer and other god-awful diseases with parents that have to witness this helplessly. They survive their children and that has to be far worse then anything that I have ever witnessed and I have seen alot. So while my children are strong and agile and spry and driving me nuts and growing and learning and experiencing- thank you universe, from the bottom of my heart.

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just read the mother trip i know i am late but on time

reading the mother trip saved me in a time i been needing a real view and a person that has it more together and that has the strength i needed now when my own mother or own female friends or own network of woman was not helping me in what i am going through now pregnant with 2 young teens i will have a baby in a few months and that going again threw motherhood imperfect unplanned and disorganized and unmarried is completely ok thanks to the mother trip i can feel as though i can breathe again and relax and let go in the imperfections of the life of motherhood

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single mom sick of not being appreciated

A little rant here, so as to help myself calm down. So I get home from a 9 hour day seeing psychotherapy patients. REwarding- yes, easy- NO. I am trying to work my ass off for anumber of reasons- mainly so my son and I can have a great summer. Come in w/ his favorite Chinese rice dish- he'd eaten and not hungry- fair e nough. But no "Thanks for buying htat for me mommy." No hug. Didn't even look up from sitter's iphone.

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30th HS reunion

Just bought this dress for it, and I feel I rock it! Happy to be alive 30 years after H.S. Leading a brief remembrance for those who've passed. I plan to flirt w/ the now divorced contingency and revel in not being tied down to most of the husbands in the room! And mostly reconnect w/ some wonderful women from my past- who I've missed. Hope all is well with you women...

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Highlights from this week

1. Registered T-Dizzle for classes at SFSU next fall.
2. Found out that she will be delivering a speech at her graduation from Oakland Tech on the 12th.
3. Realized that the Marcus Foster Scholarship she is receiving will fill the gap in her financial aid, meaning that I won't have to pay for her schooling.
4. Celebrated with bourbon, weed and casual sex.

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havent been here in a year (ish).

about this time last year i was making major life changes. left my marriage, my home, and fled to my hometown with my two daughters. went from pregnant to not pregnant. went from severely depressed to starting over. left the abusive man. my patterns repeat themselves with him and have for 12 years. i am not myself with him. i am a nodding, pleading, bitchy, needy former shadow of myself when i am with him. i wont get into why i stayed for so long. i still dont know.

fast forward to now.


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