you're not thinking of giving to the salvation army, are you?

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in case you needed another reason to look elsewhere for your charitable giving, consider the salvation army's long history of anti gay politics and practices:

also see the writing of this man, who knows firsthand, because when he was a homeless man in a committed relationship, he was directed to break up with his SO as a condition of receiving services.

the story of NYC, wherein the salvation army wanted special permission to discriminate, despite receiving tax money, and threatened to close all their facilities in NY if they didn't get their way, is here.

this jives with every account i've been given from people who've received or attempted to receive salvation army services. most of what i hear relates to the requirement of participation in their evangelical christian services as a condition of receiving services like food and shelter. again, despite being HEAVILY subsidized by public tax money. they do make tons of money (i do not use terms like "coin" or "bank." i am not a loser. it's money. perhaps cash, but that's pushing it.)

a funny only quasi related anecdote deals with an innocent exchange i had in my - now former - bank. someone who works there and with whom i'm on friendly terms tried to recommend a good summer camp for my pre teen daughter. "oh it's so fancy! it's like a spa, they do their hair and their nails and teach them about taking care of themselves..." right away i'm thinking uh, a camp for bathing 12 year old girls.... thanks for the tip.... eew... "and it's only like fifty bucks for the whole week! can you believe it? i'd pay [insert large amount here. i do not know what these services go for since i do not use them] for that! i'd go to this place, i wish they'd have it for adults. i don't know why they do it like that, but it's great. they can't be making any money on it. it's run by the salvation army..." i go, "oh well there you go. it's evangelical, they're recruiting."
it was the most preposterous thing she'd ever heard. "no, it's not christian, it's the salvation army. the operate homeless shelters and soup kitchens. they're not a church."
"yeah, they're christian. they give food and shelter to people, so long as they pray and participate in christian services."
"are you SURE?" she says the name of the organization for me again to make sure i heard her right, and insists it's not christian. they help people.
"anyway, thanks for the tip. have a nice day."