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ladies, i had to take a breather from Occupy just to keep my sanity (all things being relative). i am well aware of the port action out west. i will resume writing about this, when i get the headspace to do a good job about it. for a while there i was thinking i needed to give some level of analysis, or at least perspective, because clearly you no longer need me to inform you of events. it's in mainstream news now, the movement doesn't need my publicity. sort of. i mean, i know it's still needed to show the real events rather than the sanctioned version of the story, but i think we're all clever enough to dig when we see some event in the news, looking for another perspective.

and then the whole idea of it being co opted, with these occupy congress people, occupy this occupy that... it's become a brand of sorts. but the real thing is still out there. it's reported daily in the news.

anyway in the meantime i needed to show you this because it's important. it's not easy to look at, just to be fair and warn you. but you should know about it. a good camera angle does make all the difference in fighting the spin on mainstream news.

houston police detain protesters, lie them side by side on the concrete, then they bring a tent to cover them, seemingly to shield what happens from view - citizen journalists shouting "what are you hiding?" - turns out nothing because in plain view they come with a tank of some gas, and hook pipe that gas into the tent with the protesters, who can no longer be seen through the opaque tent.

this happened.


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This was so freaky I contacted an occupy person here, and she said the word is that they covered them to protect others from the sparks from cutting off a metal bar or chain they had all attached themselves to. They say that the canisters are for inflation. You can see that towards the end of the film. I guess we will never really know until someone talks to the protesters in the tent. But who knows what cops do these days. Anyhow, it was freaky, but I would have been more freaked out at the protesters reaction. They were just milling around much of the time, had they thought the people were being gassed I hope that they would have been a little more freaked out and tried to help!