Yesterday ....

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I had this anti-xmas party on Sunday night, just about 10 people, it wasn't a really big deal. I kinda wish I hadn't even done that, but rather had gone bar-crawling with my friend Timm. Anyway, T-dizzle went to L-Dawg's house, which is good and bad. Good because I think that T has been missing L a lot, and has been pissed at me for what she considers to be an unfair "kicking out". I did not kick L out. Kicking out is when your mother calls the cops on you and you have 1 hour to get any of your belongings that you can grab, with a cop breathing down your neck the entire time, and you are out on the street with no job and no money. (I know, it happened to me). I gave L two options, even when she was doing fucked up shit, and she chose the more dramatic one. Anyway, it was good for T and L to spend time together. On the other hand, around eleven, just after my guests had left, but before the bars close, so I could have met up with Timm and his friends, I get this whiney call from T (who was supposed to be spending the night) asking me to open the door because she forgot to take her keys with her.
She was drunk as a skunk, and informed me that she had puked at her sister's house. She had like 5 shots of whiskey. At her sister's house. And puked. And then her sister dumped T's drunk ass back at my house. Fuck.
So, yesterday, I was thinking that I would finally just take off and go to Muir Beach and get some outdoors time. I was eating breakfast when T called me from the bathroom. She had puked and had diarrhea and her period had started (after almost three months--she went off The Pill) and she was having massive cramps and she was sweating and in a lot of pain. So, I pulled out all the mom/doula stops and helped her out with food and ibuprofen and encouragement and love and she got through it, but it took a couple hours and then I had to take care of a client's cats and that was pretty much the end of the daylight.
Finally, in the evening, I got a little break, or so I thought. She was on the computer and I snuck into my room to mess around with my violins and pedals and music and stuff, and then one of her friends came over, which means that I know I'm going to be pressed into service at any time, but that settled down and I went back to my music, and then another friend showed up, and I was interrupted again, and finally they all left at around 11pm, and I was trying to work on music and do study some accounting concepts, and I'll be fucking damned if the kid didn't come back, looking for some DVD to show the other girls, and HER KEYS again. She left the front door wide open while she looked through the house, so I closed it behind her, and after she left, I realized that she had turned on and had left on lights in 3 rooms and the hallway! Fuck.

This is the piece of music that I'm trying to work on:

I want to learn each part--singing-- (but I have to work on the bass part and make it within my range), and then use the looping pedal to sing it with myself. I'm first going to record each part, playing the notes on the violin, so I can learn them. Then I'm going to build from there. I am developing a set list....slowly...considering how my kid is always requiring some bizarre level of parenting.

I'm also making a mash-up type thing of the start of this piece:

and much, if not all, of this piece.

It's coming along nicely.