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hey. i just joined. my computer sucks. so i am gonna hafta learn to make short entries that say what they need to say in an economical way. also, cuz my baby is almost 9 months old and she is on the go. right now i have her set up in a large box with a bunhc of toys and she is way happy. (the box is from a grill we bought the other day) but its only gonna work for so long. i am a stay at home mom, she is my first baby (uhm, maybe the only) anyways. we moved to this city a few months before we had her. we moved tto the general area we live in about a year and a half prior to that.
am i making any friggin sense? whatever.
anyways. i dont make friends very well under the best of situations. i dig my li'l gal a lot, and we have a good time rockin out at home and wherever we end up going to...but heres my prob. theres no place to fuckin go and nothin to do, you know? ive been going to some groups for babies and parents, but my brain is withering. i wanna talk about radical stuff, philosophy of life shit, i wanna go on feminist rants, i need to fucking really TALK, not just the hcit chat. anybody who seems to be progressive also for some reason seems to be annoying!

contribution by miss lady baby (MLB from now on) doncha just hate that - when people abbreviate shit theres no way you'd know what it stands for? ha
anyways. the one cool thing is lately ive been able to read some books. i never really liked reading much to be honest, not to sound like an ignoramus. words are sometimes overrated thats all.
okay well i gotta go, but this site is cool
plus its sweltering hot. fucking gross.
did anyone read continuum concept? ( i also just read 'will work for food or $') how bout reinventing eve?i will do some 'book review' type rambles later...
someone just discovered how hilarious it can be when she pitches off &over my shoulder completely upside down & about to fall head first on to the floor...
good times!


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major league baseball.

never read those books, sorry. welcome to hipmama.
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I'm new too, can totally relate to the abbreviation stuff, how do people know what it all means? Maybe it's genetic to some people, or else there is a hidden glossary somewhere...
It's bloody hot here as well (for me, anyway, would rather rain anyday), where abouts are ya?

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Welcome to the site! Their are alot of great mamas on here with great advice and it seems we all like to talk... I know what you mean about people being annoying, it is hard to find the right mix of mamas to hang around and talk with in my town too... What books have you been reading? Any reccomendadtions? The last one I read (not exactly literature) was "In her Shoes" I watched the movie and it was okay - so I read the book in two days, it was pretty good. Anyone who has a sister would like it. I hope you enjoy the site!

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i know exactly what you mean. i feel like i don't really fit in with any mom's groups around here, and i don't make friends really easily because i'm shy i guess, or maybe i'm just really picky or have high standards, well that's probably a good thing. i'm reading Toddler right now, a collection of essays. i like how they are very short, like 1 or 2 pages, apiece. i can squeeze a story in here and there.