wtf, being penalized for choosing family daycare?! bullshit.

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during the time i was in school to become an LNA my 35 mo daughter was in daycare full-time, which the state was paying for in full besides a $26 co-pay from me. or so i thought; it turns out that the state has been shorting her provider in pay every week. i've been doing the phone-call mindfuck for a couple days now (leaving messages at one office and being referred to another one, leaving a message at the other one and then being referred BACK to the first one!) and i finally spoke to someone this morning. so it turns out the maximum weekly amount they'll pay for a licensed family day-care provider is $130/week, whereas they'll pay up to $180/week for a licensed CENTER. my daughter's provider charges $170/week and the state has been subtracting my $26 co-pay from their max amount of $130, so they've only been paying her $104/week...which means i owe her money now that i don't fucking have!

i'm *pissed* right now. what could be the reasoning behind this totally ridiculous logic?! these are new guidelines, because when i was working and getting childcare assistance before there was no stupid rule that parents sending their kids to a family center had to pay MORE every week. i choose a family center for a good fucking reason: that i PREFER it. i like knowing that there's one woman that i trust very much taking care of my daughter. i like that this woman runs her center like a pre-school, and that my daughter has grown and thrived in her care over the last two years (on and off) that she's been there. i like knowing that my daughter is with three other little girls that she knows very well when she's at "school", and that "school" is someone's house.

so why am i being penalized for this?? this woman is a LICENSED provider; she's been running her family center for 15 years; she's not a baby-sitter. i'm furious that my child-care options are being limited in this way.... this could mean that when i find a job and start sending noa to "school" full-time again, i may have to send her to a huge mega-center because paying that extra $150/mo to send her to the family center will probably be unaffordable for us. i'm barely making ends meet right now and as a single mother doing the best i can to do what's right for myself and my daughter, i'd like to meet anyone who had a part in this new guidline and give them a piece of my pissed-off mind. or punch them in the face. i'm not sure which yet.



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where there is a bureaucracy, there is a waiver....find the one that will get you the money you deserve. I know it's there....

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so you think there's a loophole that would help me out here?? i'm gonna start researching asap, because this is seriously fucked up.

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I don't have any advice, per me this makes no sense at all. Most of the family day cares that I've come across actually charge LESS than the larger centers, because they have lower overhead/less staff to pay, etc. You'd think the state would cover the family day care option simply because it would save them money.

Good luck to you. I would be furious too!

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government HO-BAGS. I allready dread the day when we'll have to get childcare for LLuc.

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Did your daycare provider not tell you about this until now? It sounds like you were paying her $26/week directly and she was getting $104 from the state for a total of $130- right? She should have said something the first week! I mean, I know talking money stuff is awkward. Maybe she assumed that you knew what she was getting from the state and figured you'd pay her the rest of the money later? Still... It seems messed up that she didn't say anything after the first week or couple of weeks.
The state is definitely the main bad guy in this situation but if the provider's been running her center for 15 years this shouldn't really be anything new for her, right? I don't know... I hope she's at least being understanding.
The whole thing just sucks all around. :(

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it only started in september, i guess. and there's always a lag time between when the provider bills the state for the first time and when they get their first payment, so it took three weeks before she got her first payment and realized it was off.

she's being super understanding about the whole thing, and knows i just don't have the $$ to give her right now. as long as i pay her as soon as i have it she'll be cool. it's just reeeally pissing me off that the state was NOT clear about this with me when i had those seven million appointments to start getting childcare assistance. it's kind of an important detail, no?!

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yeah, that's BS. If it's a new guideline then it's absolutely the job of the people who were meeting with you about your benefits to explain everything in detail... especially anything that's different from how they've done things in the past.
It's good that you have an understanding daycare provider.