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woke up at 6am to the smell of cat shit. the foster cat, the one that my kid loves, the kid who's moving in the fall, the asshole cat, he pooped in my front hall and dug up dirt from the plant that he's already almost killed by peeing in the plant pot--I just repotted the damn thing, had to toss out all of the dirt and the old pot and save just what was on the root ball (this is a 5 foot tall Dracaena)and add new dirt and put it all in a new pot.
made the kid clean up the poop.
went back to bed.
woke up at 7am to the sound of the garbage truck coming, like, 6 HOURS early.
they didn't pick up my trash, but I went ahead and put it outside anyway, and called them about a missed pickup.
After the incredibly frustrating day I had yesterday trying to have fun with my insistently morose kid in San Francisco (I took an unpaid day off to spend it with her since she's on spring break), I just wanted to sleep in about 1/2 an hour before going to work today.



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wrapped up the day by getting dog shit on my pants while taking a photo in the cemetery.

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