why did i let myself feel like we were doing good?

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why was i hopeful about the jobs & everything?

the landlord just came by

30 days because his family is moving in due to their bankruptcy & losing their house....


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Uh, you're in California, right? Best to research your options. Don't think they can evict you with 30 days notice because the fam is moving in (anyone could say that to get people out)--see if there's a rent board in your area, see if there's a "lawyers in the library" program.


(apparently, a 30-day notice is just that, a NOTICE. It gives you 30 days to respond. It is not a final eviction judgment.)

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ahhh Yes, Thanks, so much, Shade .

I read all the links & got it. I am only going to make him have to EVICT us if I can't find a place. the thing is I haven't been here a year so he ONLY needs to give me the 30 days AND if he is gonna move in to the front house, I do NOT want to be here. recall he.is.a.jackass.

he was threatening to sue me today already and I will NOT live here with him in the same space being negative & belligerent.

I AM going to find a place and we are going to be in a better place.

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