Who's the hipmama who makes menstrual pads?

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Been an ETERNITY since I've been on here...
I want to buy some cloth menstrual pads and I remember way back loving the stuff that a hipmama made, (maybe she sells on etsy?) but I can't for the life of me remember what her pads are called. It's not Lunapads, but something close to that. She used to come on here occasionally and give some away and give discounts and stuff. Anyone know who I'm talking about? Come on now...I know some of you mamas from back then have to still be lurking around. Hit me with the name. I got Christmas money in my pocket that wants to make its way to my crotch.


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Claire de Lune is the name of her pads. I am ashamed to say that I own some (which I use and love!) but for some reason I'm gapping on her username!?

And I WISH I had Christmas money in my pocket that wants to make its way to my crotch..but I wouldn't be buying pads. I'm in dire need of a new toy, and I have like $7 to my name. *sigh* Oh, well. I liked your turn of phrase, there. :-)

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i think is her screen name? hmmm. love her pads too.

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I can't think of her username now, either, but I have some of her pads. I'll bet if you go to Etsy and search for Claire de Lune you'll find her though.

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Currently having a 10 Below Sale.
It is -10ºF here in Wisconsin, so I will take 10% off all purchases until Friday January 8th! Discount to be refunded via Paypal. For other payment types, convo me."

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I went looking for it the other day, and she was "under construction" on etsy. I need some more! They are wonderful, but mine are a few years old. I think I deserve some new ones.

PS, I think her name was lapina on here.

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Damn, with this post I unintentionally sent all the hipmamas over there to buy up all the goodies I want.
: )
Ironic that she happens to be having a sale right when I was thinking about her.
Thanks ladies.

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Claire de Lune pads heading my way! Spent the whole fifty bucks there... I am certain it will be entirely worth it.
(And the patterns I will have in my panties are awesome.)