when do you start paying attention?

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i watched this thing play out on twitter, which reinforced my love of twitter even though i rarely make time for it. not because i love a fight, which part of me does, but because i loved watching a professional "writer" struggle so publicly with words, attempting and failing humiliatingly to delineate herself from doug stanhope - who actually is brilliant with words - in the exact opposite juxtaposition that ended up happening. a drunk can tweet in 140 characters more substance than she can fit into a 8-paragraph composition. i love that.

i've always felt that who the asshole is in any situation, almost always hinges on when you start paying attention. it never fails: the abusive shit ALWAYS responds to being called on it with accusations of abuse. because when you stood up to them is when they started paying attention. they don't even remember what happened before and get bored when you show it to them. they hear some word they deem objectionable, usually 100% accurate, and say "HEEEYYY! YOU CAN'T TALK TO ME LIKE THAT!"

i've attempted and failed to make this point again and again, but stanhope wrote out his thoughts on his situation and makes it beautifully, because it's a perfect example of an empty-headed shit flinging abuse, then distorting herself into the victim when held accountable. then when that fails, escalates it to more extreme comparisons and outright lies to rally support. then calls him an internet troll. oh it was beautiful. as he says, she doesn't have a point, she just has a job, text for a paper, and she's doing it. yay her.

but what's even more beautiful is that few people, if anyone, seems to be on her side.

or maybe that's my own internet bubble. i get bored when people start talking about "policing" and "decency," and forget those comments entirely.



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"Have a nice breakfast,


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