What's for dinner 6/4

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I used to do these all the time, to help me to eat better. Tonight DH just plopped a plate of(homemade) sushi in front of me, bless his sweet heart.

So what's cookin' ladies?


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I had the plan to make sushi the other day but while I was rinsing the rice all these little mummified worm corpses started floating to the surface of the water. I was willing to turn a blind eye when I saw the first one but when they just kept appearing I got grossed out and decided to chuck the rice and its' many citizens.
On a happier but more artery clogging note note tonight we had:
-barbequed beefy things including (to my utter surprise) -steak! which we never buy....,
-lettuce (from our back yard)
-watermelon (from some country well south of us)
-cheap boxed red wine
-chocolate with hazelnuts while the kids weren't paying enough attention

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I am happy to loan out Dave to make y'all some sushi ;) any time. Really good, black bean (pureed) cucumber & carrot this time.

Meg! Eeek! Plan B sounds like it was delicious. Actually a shake from McD's sounds pretty good right now too.