What a Wednesday

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1. so grateful for the 10 minute bus ride to the job interview

2. so thankful for a bus day pass being only $5 per person

3. really appreciate that it is one bus to the interview, same bus will take us to the outdoor mall where I took Little Dude to buy gifts for his sisters, father, me & etc

4. so grateful we were able to get something from Little Dude for everyone (except for 1) on his list in one day -- yee haw -- I may even be able to get what else is needed w/o another shopping day (he had allowance from his dad & wanted to use it buying Christmas gifts for his family)

5. so Thankful for the wonderful family we interviewed with this morning -- who HIRED ME!!!!!

6. sooooo appreciative that the family who HIRED ME today is paying me a very decent wage to be a mother's helper/nanny & they value my experience as a mother & they are willing to have Little Dude along & they value his presence

7. am very grateful this county's transit system will allow me to get from my new residence to my new job - and the commute time will be manageable & I can knit then

8. am so thankful for Mr's contemplation on certain issues & his realization that he needs to do some work on them also, not just anyone else

9. I am very appreciative of my daughter's work today in packing up more of the house while we were gone -- I think we are about 30% left to pack

10. I am sooo full of gratitude for the Love the Universe is surrounding me with now & for always