what was I saying my new year's resolution thingy was?

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Make music, right? Use that viola and the pedals and put together a set list and perform, right? Uh....guess who got offered a gig tonight? Someone, somewhere, not me. Just kidding. I finally showed up at orchestra rehearsal (Community Women's Orchestra), thank Maude I've already played one of the pieces before, and one is the Beethoven "Egmont", so I really am only freaking out about one piece. Playing violin--they need 2nd violins, as usual. Full up at the Inn de la Viola, so I have to stay at the second fiddle manger. Anyway, after rehearsal, I was talking to the Assistant Conductor, who is the Conductor over at the Oakland Public Conservatory (played a gig with them a couple weeks ago) and she asked me to come and play on March 31, and I told her about my set-up with the looping pedals and whatnot, so she asked me to play THAT. Now I need to pick ONE of the 7 or so tunes that I've been fucking around with for the past month, and get it up to speed, so I can perform it. I'm thinking about a mashup that includes this little metal gem:

But this now means that I need to learn all the different sections, which means researching the guitar tabs and transposing them for viola and sprinkling a little faerie dust on the whole thing. I never knew what the words were. They're pretty silly:

Ride the dragon toward the crimson eye
Flap the wings under Mars red sky
The reptile pushes itself out into space
Leaving behind, the human race
Swim inside the solar seas
The Nebula cries out to me
Passing where I've gone before
I fly through the crimson door
Ride the dragon toward the crimson eye
Flap the wings under Mars red sky

I'll keep y'all posted as I make my way through the crimson door.

PS 2 weeks until opening night of T-Dizzle's show.