what the fuck wed nes day

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1. i am grateful for whatever part of my brain did NOT just let the stupid dog jump over the fence and disappear (someone would have JUST called when they found him)

2. i am grateful that when I hauled his ass to the ground from down off of the roof of the storage shed I didn't break his stupid neck

3. i am so grateful my foot only got JUST squished under his weight and that ONE log and that my ankle didn't get twisted or my foot broken

4. I am sooo appreciative of the prepacked bag of ice in the freezer

5. I am soo glad my daughter came home this morning so i could PASS out from the pain in my foot which traveled up to my knee before I slept

6. I am so grateful I put ice on it IMMEDIATELY - there is no swelling as of now & the bruise looks minimal now, but ouch fuckin ouch

7. i am thankful i co not have to walk anywhere TODAY

8. i am grateful i didn't eat that doughnut from the photo shoot the other night so it could be my breakfast to spike my crashing blood sugar

9. i am grateful there is some advil somewhere in this house

10. i am soo grateful I grabbed a blanket to wrap myself in when I did all the dog wrestling & cursing & being injured before 7 am, at least i wasn't also completely naked


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aw pj's it sounds like hell over there. im sending you my love and i will be around tommorow (er... ummm which is right now? i should have been in bed five hours ago?) if you want to connect