wet wild Wednesday

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1. thankful for Eldest daughter's sweet bf who drove us to the t@rget so I could spend almost all i had left to buy Little Boy blue a pair of almost $30 shoes! a $16 pair of pants he will be comfortable & warm enough in (he HATES jeans as they are restrictive to him)

2. thankful for the puppies behaving while we were gone & it started RAINING in them poor boys

3. thankful to be alive at this time in history

4. thankful for a washer & dryer & coziness during the rainy day

5. thankful for living so close to things - ie. library & daughter's job

6. thankful for a man who loves me sooo very well

7. thankful for our (ALL OF US) health & our time together

8. thankful for technology which allows us, the citizens of Earth, to be united as one for major events such as the recent re-entry of a satellite, the death of an icon, and the historic shifts in various countries around the world as they occur

9. soo thankful for a weekend away with Mr Right & kiddos

10. grateful for food still in this house