welcome, Wednesday

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1. for apparently living very centrally in SD

2. for a very good trolley system which runs early & late

3. for my disabled transit system pass which is cutting myu fares to where when i was broke I could handle them

4. for kale & chicken

5. for the wonderful young couple who hired me yesterday & their having a 9 yr old as well as a baby

6. for my plans to make myself go out tomorrow night to kick up my heels, sing very loudly & enjoy a night of live Irish music with my friends, the band AND for that being a 5 minute trolley ride away every week

7. for my Brilliant Man coming when i needed him; to take me to lunch, to talk to me about everything - what happened, politics, religion, books, to share our thoughts as we always did, to be here physically, to hold me while i napped, to be present in friendship & Love

8. for sleeping again

9. for all the Love from everyone

10. thank the Gods for my Vonage phone plan so i could be spending all this time on the phone to San Fran, Canada & PA etc without worrying about a crazy phone bill