Wednesday's wild ride

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1. I am so thankful that my Eldest Daughter's BF's family has agreed to allow her to move in with them -- she will be able to keep going to work, go to college next semester & I will NOT be worried about her -- well other than what if they break up, but she can save her money, she better save her money

2. I am so grateful to my good friend, Mr Nice Guy - his sister who I met & liked immensely, will be taking the dogs for me until I get resettled into my own place next Spring where we can have the dogs back again - the dogs will get to run wild in open space, she lives on a huge piece of property. there are kids to play with, there are other dogs to play with. it IS temporary.

3. I am so appreciative of this wonderful mama friend I met thru Mr Right - who needs a room mate & whose apartment, while far from her, is available without a credit check, a deposit etc It will be another chance to share a house & co-parent with another Mama, a mini mommune!

4. I am so grateful for the wonderful community I have found in G+ -- when I posted the news they went far & deep so quickly to see how they could help.

5. I am so THANKFUL to the UNIVERSE for providing so swiftly, so completely, so easily

6. I am so appreciative & grateful & thankful for the wonderful supportive love I have received from Mr Right during this chaos.

7. I am soooo THANKFUL to our very own reese for coming thru on some much needed items ; )

8. I am sooo grateful for my other friends who have helped keep my spirits up during all of this

9. I am appreciative of the Love I have been given & continue to receive

10. I am thankful for my sensibilities & ability to maintain calmness (to some level) right now