wed-nes-day, wee?

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1. i am thankful for my persistence

2. my patience

3. others' persistence & patience

4. I appreciate that even when I get a no for a job today, they are telling me how qualified & perfect I am -- even if there is a part or two which do not fit

5. I am grateful for cookies for lunch with my Sweetheart

6. i am thankful for all the kale recipes out there - hummus w/kale looks yummy

7. i am grateful for whatever help shows up for the move on Saturday

8. i appreciate the wonderful sense of Love, Peace & Calm which allowed me to go to bed & sleep well, on my own here alone last night, at a decent hour & to remain so when my Beloved returned home & joined me in snuggly slumber

9. i am thankful for the Love which is given to me every day

10. i appreciate the opportunities to move forward & to find my place