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holy shit.
i went to the doctor on thursday, for my regular checkup and strep b test. she decides to go ahead and do an internal exam to see where the baby is at. On it's fucking way out!!! that's where! Okay not really. but pretty close. She says i'm 2 cm dilated and 70% effaced (thinned out). Her head is completely engaged in my pelvis. How did I not realize any of this? (Sure, the day before I was having contractions like, every hour, but nothing major.) Prior to finding this out, she's telling me 'oh ya know, most first timers go past their due date a little. so don't be disappointed if you have false labor, or it takes awhile.' Then, she does the exam and has this 'oh shit. never mind' look on her on her face. I went from having a baby next month to any fucking minute in one doctor visit. I'm not even packed yet! What am I supposed to take? I'm using cloth diapers, but I don't know how many I need. Please tell me some of you stayed 2 cm dialted for weeks and weeks, so I can stop freaking out. I'm totally cool as a cucumber on the outside, but my brains are goin 'oh shit man!! you're gonna have a fucking BABY dude!! It's gonna hurt REALLY bad! A person is going to come of your vagina!!!'


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Really. I was 80% effaced as well and the only sensations I was having was some twitches in my cervix and a general feeling of hugeness. I didn't have any real contractions until I went into labor. Just mild braxton hicks. It started early the morning after my due date.
I won't say it doesn't hurt, but you are usually in a way different mindset. Your body kinda goes into auto pilot. You will do great! 9 months of waiting will most likely take no more then 24 hours to be over with.
What kind of cloth diapers are you using? If you are using prefolds, you need at least 2 dozen and I think 8 covers? With a newborn, you will be washing at least every other day. They need alot of changes! I like wool covers for newborns because you can reuse them so much more without washing. Prefolds are good, because they are inexpensive and last through size changes better.
Message me if you have any questions.

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well for diapers i have 24 infant size and 15 larger sized prefoldas, then i have 6 covers that I knit myself, and 3 of those snapping, growing diapers for overnight. i just don't know how many to take to the hospital with me. how long am i gonna be there? does a baby relieve itself that often in the first few days?

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(which, of course you'll have ***vibe vibe vibe***) you can pretty much bet that your insurance will boot you out after two nights. Check with the hospital/birth center. A quick phone call can verify.

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to do internals on me 'cause she believes they are total wastes of time. I trusted her completely and was oh so relieved when all of my pregnant comrades would find out before their due date w. #1 that they were such and such effaced, such and such dilated, etc. I was 2 weeks early. I don't know if I was effaced/dilated before that, but I do know that I had no expectations. A friend was 3 cm dilated and 80% effaced for 6!!! weeks!! 3 before due date and then 3 after. I say don't get too worked up

"If nothing else, life in the suburbs promised that you might go from day to day without finding shit in our hair." ~ David Sedaris

"If nothing else, life in the suburbs promised that you might go from day to day without finding shit in our hair." ~ David Sedaris

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you'll be fine though. I was 2 weeks late but wasn't able to see a doctor after my 8th month started so I had no clue what was happening.
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babies do pass meconium - which is terry, sticky and dark bm's, some mamas choose to use disposibles untill all meconium is passed. the hospital i delivered at had prefold and disposibles for new mamas to use (and steal).

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the stuff stains really bad. Maybe just buy a pack of dipes for the hospital and as cloth backups.

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I was 3cm's with my first for a couple weeks, I remember feeling the baby move his head from one side to the other and thinking he would just fall out... but he didn't!! Good luck :)

Something simple like the comfortable nightgown that you are used to sleeping in, can make a big difference during labor. Familiar things from home can help you comfort level and reduce stress & pain...

If you are breastfeeding try to do it asap after you give birth; within the first hour and get as much skin-to-skin contact with your babe as possible. (It's your baby so if they wrap it up - unwrap it and put it on your bare chest, do this even if you are formula feeding)

Here is something I reccomend you read before the big day:

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my sil was 2 cms dialated for awhile before she went into labor. we use cloth but used disposables the first few days... made life a little easier during recovery. good luck!!! don't worry about packing too much. we didn't use hardly any of the shit we packed.
the things we did use:
boombox & cds
my nightgown
dh change of clothes? maybe i'm not sure tho.
baby book (got her foot prints)

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you will know when the time comes, and if you have things to do you can usually get them done before hand, the body does listen to the mind a bit.
as for the pain, just prepare and you will be fine, use all of your innermost resources to build up your strength ~ most importantly beleive in your body and its abilities. Don't let your thoughts panic you, do what you can to calm and energize yourself.
And, I would start the babe on cloth ASAP, I started my girlout with disposables and when trying to start her on cloth (mind you at about 2 weeks) she hated it, and screamed bloody murder every time she peed (it was hot and cloth isn't nearly as absorbant as the junk in disposables). I guess she was too used to the comfort, and I waited too long. I was really disappointed, but couldn't handle her cry- it was different than any other and sounded pained. So get your baby used to cloth right away.