Waiting for the bus to San Ramon...

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Check out the size of this big ass hummingbird!  

I am waiting for a bus down to San Ramon, so decided to update.   Ramona and I got to spend the last two and a half days with Ramona;s dad and her little brother.   Sometimes I wish we were able to spend more time here, playing with the same kids for more than just a couple days.  The first day there was a lot of calling and craziness.  We spent the day on the side of a hill at Ramona’s sort of Uncle’s house, which is right next door to the lot that R’s dad says he is going to build a house for Taylor (Rmaona’s brother) and Ramona.  Check out the view of Golfo de Nicoya.

The View, ahhhh.  Of course pictures do it no justice. 

The day was interrupted with many many phone calls from Erika, the other mother.  Angry that Jonathan had Taylor out so long (though arguments are rarely about what they pretend to be about) cumulating in her threatening to call the police if he wasn’t home right away as we waited for our pizza.   So the second day she was invited.  It was all a little weird, but at least we spent some time together. She drank a couple beers. She was no longer so scary to me. Though she did exhibit slight insanity a couple times.  I do think though, were I to be in a situation like hers, I may be slightly crazy myself.  But it is all relative. Relationships are so strange, especially upon the landscape of social restraints.

Gotta go.  To be continued…