viola viola viola viola

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Viola. Viola. Viola.
Viola! Viola! Viola!

I got some contac paper that's like a chalkboard, as opposed to chalkboard paint (seems like a 6 of 1, half a dozen of the other matter as far as cost/toxicity breakdown in the long run, but the contac paper is cheaper and less smelly right now) because I absolutely had to have a way to write real big in my room where I have my set-up for playing the viola, so I can keep track of the music I am making! Me! Making music!

I spent $200 on the viola today.

Well, $50 for new strings, $20 for a shoulder rest that fits a viola and a new bow--to get the old one re-haired would have been $50, but a new one was $60 (and that included a new cake of rosin, which I was planning to buy), but those sneaky violin nerds "let" me try out a $120 bow, and wouldn't ya know, it was at least twice as good as the $60 one. Had a moment of "Do I deserve this?", and then I got over myself and bought it. It's so much better, this new set-up. I ended up getting the Heliocore strings because they were darker sounding than the Pirastro Tonica(that's the brand I use on my regular violin, not the white one), and not as expensive than the really dark sounding ones. Next time, I will try the expensive, dark ones. Because I'm fucking worth it, as they say.

So addicted to the viola and the octave pedal, through the bass amp.

Happy! Viola!