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Wed, 07/07/2010 - 08:43 -- Lapis

this is my last cycle before I hit the two year mark of trying to conceive. I keep meaning to post something and say hello to the ladies and tell you all something but I don't have much to say about it other than I CAN'T FRIGGIN BELIEVE THAT I'M HERE AT THE TWO YEAR MARK!!!!!

but... we are in Austria now. and can probably afford to do some more extensive fertility stuff. I just gave this last cycle a big hurrah by adding in some home inseminations on the days that my poots was too sore to have sex with dh... but we are both just so discouraged.

anyone else here deal with infertility?
anyone else at least have an HSG or some laparoscopy done? I mean I think those are the next two things up for me on the "treatment" end of things....

Hugs to all the ladies

Lapis :(


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But I have a lot of friends who are in the same sitch. What kind of stuff have you done up until this point? I am assuming you have tried basal body temperature etc. charting?

The HSG (hysterosalpingogram) is a test for visualizing the uterus and fallopian tubes. It involves flushing the system. It also seems to help with infertility issues, possibly by clearing out debris in the tubes that may be blocking the eggs from coming down, or the sperm from getting to the egg (fertilization actually happens in the top of the tubes, usually). I have many friends who have gotten it done, and two got pregnant without any other intervention soon after. It's by no means a guarantee, but it is definitely a good next step.

Good luck, vibing you baby vibes~~~~

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We did nine months of just trying to have lots of sex between cycle day 10 and 20... but we were in pretty stressful life/work situations... then I did a year of temping and charting (a la taking charge of your fertility) before I dropped my thermometer on the floor and broke it and just decided that I'd take a break from the temping part of charting for now.... that was three months ago. Its nice to have a break and this cycle we decided (I have some vag pain issues) to add in the home inseminations just to try a new approach which was basically just getting as much semen in me as we could for a week straight (which we did and which I'm hoping hoping hoping works)

Life in Austria is easier and less stressful in many ways and we have (good) HEALTH CARE!!! So far I have done pre and post ovulation blood work (all looked good), dh got a semen analysis (also checked out well) as did his hormone-blood work. They actually did my pre/post O blood work twice because the first time they are pretty sure I had a chemical.... although I didn't know until after Id gotten my "period" and as far as I know, its the only one I've had. At any rate... everyone seems confident that I will/can get pregnant... there just seems to be a little glitch...

part of why we waited this long is because it just felt like, "ok, lets try one more time..." but we're realizing that come august its time to stop fooling around!

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Oh, mama! That is tough. I'm on month four of TTC now and it's so hard. Every few weeks you can't stop but think maybe....What a roller coaster. Have you tried accupunture? My friend treated an infertility doctor (Western med) who struggled to get pregnant herself and she got pregnant after a few months of accupunture. It may be worth a shot.

It'll happen for you. And it'll be worth it.

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but i'm totally going to check with my friends to see if i cansend you the fertility doll. Have to promise to send it back my way when we decide to go for #2 tho!
I'm so sorry that i don't have any practical advice, but hugs mama. I'm pullin' for you.

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You can do everything right and sometimes it still doesn't work. We tried for 17 months for #1 - 4 years an counting now for #2. A break isn't a bad idea, seeing your doctor is a good idea too. I know how this feels and my heart goes out to you.

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Thanks for sharing your struggle... it helps to know I'm not the only one who has had to go through this. I guess women are usually kind of quiet about it (me included) but it means that I always feel like the ONLY one.

yes, thanks

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oh thanks motormouth!
maybe will you just post another pics of her (the fertility doll)... i wouldn't want to loose it or have it get lost in the shuffle of our lives. but thanks so much for thinking of me.

I know it took you a little while to finally get pregnant and really hearing or knowing that I'm not the only one is helpful.

are you guys thinking of baby #2 already?
and how are things with your babe?

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oh my WHAT a roller coaster!

I've tried everything "natural" and "Non invasive"... so far no luck. but I guess I feel like I'm used to this roller coaster so I'm sort of more prepared for what may come next in terms of treatments.

and yes, strangely all the work and time and worry and disappointment is and will be totally worth it. crazy how that is!

thanks for your thoughts and suggestions.

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I can only guess at how hard it is for you guys. I dreamt of you last night (is that creepy?), don't know HOW as I don't know what you look like, really, but somehow I did. And I dreamt that the HSG procedure worked, the doctor was explaining it all to you in my dream. So I hope this dream is prophetic and baby is conceived soon!!! Sending magic baby dust vibes ~~~~

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