Tuesday's toot my horns

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1. job interviews on Wednesday for great jobs -- Vibes, please!

2. one job offer -- not sure about some details so I am not uber excited, BUT -- maybe I should be ....

3. radio podcast recording today!!!

4. daughter's day off assistance is sooo appreciated

5. SO VERY GRATEFUL to each & every Secret Santa Elf & Mama who has turned our Christmas into one to be filled with joy & gifts for my dear Little Dude who went w/o so much last year

---more later ; )

here I am with the rest

6. gratitude for frozen pizzas on sale for a hot late lunch

7. thankful for inexpensive doggie safety "belts" so doggies can travel out to the country WITHOUT me in the car and hence miss Winter Solstice.

8. appreciate that daughter's bf will drive her to pet store for necessary doggie seat belts!

9. am thankful for the flexibility of home school!

10. am eternally grateful, appreciative & thankful for he Love that I have been receiving from the Universe & all within who are so caring & giving