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1. the secret Santa wish lists on G+ from our Amazon wish lists http://amzn.com/w/19PPHPQS2C0CT JUST may save my son's dog from being shipped to Timbuktu (I have put dog crates on it)

2. I am grateful for the wonderful friends & community on G+ who came up with the Secret Santa idea & are spreading joy as elves across the community

3. I NEED things to be grateful for after last night -- so I will start with being grateful for babysitting last night some of the sweetiest girlies

4. i am grateful for the patience not to beat the tar out of this dog

5. I am grateful my son hasn't been here while his dog has escaped twice & been soooo very bad

6. i am grateful Mr Right fixed the fence after the dog had escaped the week before, alas now it seems the dog has just gone OVER the fence to escape

7. oh there we go - Mr Right! I am so grateful he has been sending me little tiny notes this week since I have been home, like that he bought eggnog or about the one kitty cat -- he MISSES me!!!

8. i am very appreciative of being paid last night for what I am worth to babysit

9. i am grateful my son understands how serious this dog situation has become

10. love love love!!!