totally Tuesday

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1. I am thankful for the crock pot of home made chicken soup I have been working on since last night -- we are trying not to be sick over here

2. I am thankful for being appreciated for just doing what comes naturally

3. I am grateful for friends : ) especially new mama ones

4. I am so thankful i had time & space to write yesterday - got my word count up significantly

5. I am thankful for my CD collection - "Shady Grove" from Jerry Garcia just makes me feel better

6. I am thankful for memories that music brings back

7. I am thankful for a real reason to be in pjs all day -- fighting a cold and must nap later

8. I am grateful for a man who listnes and truly hears me and who let me sleep in this morning : )

9. I am thankful for places to share my writing and my photography!

10. I am grateful for sleep -- I am sleeping again