too much Tuesday

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1. the roller coaster continues, yes, i am grateful for that - what? I want a boring life? hahahahahahaha oh you mean, I can have a serene, even keeled life??? ohhh lol

2. daughter is home for part of this week - yeah for some stuff getting done with help

3. grateful daughter has access to getting some boxes from work so we can start repacking some of this way too much stuff in our small house

4. grateful I am in some crazy place (in my mind) to lend a helping hand for a young girl with assistance in return (more later when it gels up)

5. grateful for a washer & dryer & hot shower

6. grateful for a good enough night's sleep -- amazingly well & uninterrupted

7. soooooo grateful I know when to be silent and wait for what i know will come in good time and can let it without any prodding or suggesting

8. terribly appreciative that the depth of love I am receiving overrides its own issues, every time, eventually

9. thankful there are so many job opportunities for me to be applying for right now

10. grateful for grocery money & not having needed to use it while little boy is away