Today is Tuesday Rest of My Life

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1. I AM grateful for deep examination of reactions, of thoughts, of intentions, of life

2. I am grateful for what is about to be 2 weeks off from Little Oy Child

3. I am grateful for the time coming up to do some things here -- repack boxes, work more on pup training

4. I am grateful for my ability to fix things I let go too far

5. I am grateful for the inner balance I found somewhere along this path and am managing to maintain effortlessly (don't know how and am not going to question, only appreciate)

6. I am grateful for the power of thoughts, magic in words & energy of deeds

7. I am grateful I have today & everyday to make my life what I want it to be

8. I am grateful to be sharing this part of the path with a wonderful man

9. I am grateful that I am at heart a realist

10. I am grateful for my romantical side, too


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#4. I created a lot of financial wreckage in my 20s. I could file for bankruptcy but i find that paying it off, no matter how slowly and no matter how little each month, gives me a greater feeling than if I were to flee. So I too am grateful for fixing things I have let go too far (like finally calling the IRS to file three years of taxes I've been avoiding).

49 stars.