Thursday, today is better kinda day

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1. I am so grateful for Carter Gibson over on G+ and his wonderful band of Secret Santa elves -- he posted about my move predicament affecting Christmas & his "minions" came thru in flying colours - before I woke up almost all the Lego items I put on my Wish List for Riel were purchased & shipped!!!

2. so thankful to my daughter for spending most of her day off yesterday packing as much as she did -- the kitchen is almost packed & the living room is stacked full of boxes

3. so very very grateful for online home school & the flexibility available during these moments of chaos

4. so grateful for the babysitting gig which paid for this week's full freezer of quick & easy meals for us in the middle of all this insanity

5. so appreciative of how sweet & gentle and loving my darling man is being

6. so thankful to complete strangers for even buying ME a gift or two ; ) I feel soo very grateful to the whole Universe!

7. I am grateful for hot water, a washer & dryer to use and time to get everything done around here

8. appreciative of friends who are there much more than any family ever has been

9. thankful for plenty of blankets and even two warm dogs at night here when it has been in the low 40as & high 30s and we have no heater

10. oh Love! I am eternally thankful, grateful AND appreciative of the Love in my life.