Thursday please be a better day

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1. grateful to know there are supplements I can give this dog to help calm his noxious self down

2. soo appreciative that daughter checked about whether the landlord still owns the house or not before we paid rent this month (he does so that is a good thing???)

3. grateful the dog drank his warm sleepy time tea, fingers crossed that it helps

4. grateful for having valium & xanax I didn't take before (did you know vets prescribe it for dogs with behavioral issues now?)

5. grateful I saved most of last month's money since the ex is only giving me less than half of the child support today (i thought I was thru worrying about this kind of shit & was actually going to be ahead -- stupid me)

6. appreciative of the communities here & on G+ for being my emotional support thru so many things big & small

7. SO GRATEFUL daughter has a job & decent hours

8. so appreciative that son understands how life is sometimes

9. soo soo appreciative of a G+ friend who bought my son a wonderful Lego toy for Christmas thru our Secret Santas on there

10. so thankful for all the love & caring I have felt recently from many people