Thursday Full Of Grats

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1. Grateful daughter & son are off to the store for daily grocery run -- we have taken to only buying what we need for each day as we wind down here & know each day who will be home & eating what - saves money & there has been no waste or leftovers

2. Grateful for follow up phone call for a live in position (the hours are ONLY until 9 am) -- closer to the coast & the new day job, must get DL first for this job -- incentive ; )

3. Thankful for early Christmas gift of new house phone from Daughter -- the old one didn't hold a charge for long enough to have more than one conversation -- it was getting difficult to do phone interviews

4. I appreciate the simplicity of my Holiday plans & how so far everyone is working with me in keeping things less stressed

5. I am sooooo grateful that this new job will do many many things for me -- I can pay back The Mad Scientist (that was his personal ad header) wonderful ex bf who had lent me money 2 years ago when things began spiraling down after I got hit on the head with a skee ball at Chuck E Cheese & I can save money for moving into my own place & I can save money towards my part of a down payment as investment when the Mr & I move into bigger house in 18 months

6. I am so thankful the kids are co-operating as much as possible for as much as they have been

7. I appreciate the flexibility of our home school yet again -- I will miss this once he is in public school

8. I am thankful for the experience of home schooling Little Dude these past 2 years - it has been valuable to both of us

9. I am grateful for all the Love & light in my Life <3

10. I am so grateful for the means to thank my friends thru my writing; the article in HipMamaZine & the podcast of HipMama Radio to be aired today -- I am so glad I could do more than JUST write it privately, that I could PUBLICLY thank the Mamas who have been my life line