Thinking about the future

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not so much the catastrophic end of the world kind of future. More like the "what am I going to do when T moves out of the house"? kind of future. I would like to figure out a way either through or just through regular housemates, to pay less rent. I don't want housemates as long as I have the kid in the house. It's just too much. I've tried it a lot over the years and it's generally been a miserable failure. I was thinking about airbnb beause it's all short-term, a couple nights, a week. A lot more laundry for me to do (change the sheets between guests)--and it may feel more like another job. I dunno yet. Plus, it seems that my neighborhood is a little over-represented on airbnb. Well, I have months to think this over.
Also kinda thinking that, at some point, I might want to downsize my living space. Wait, who the fuck am I kidding? Maybe, years from now. Right now, I'm just starting to love my house. Been doing some work to make it awesomer, and it is.
Must go watch remainder of chick flick with kid.