thanks, mom

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So, I guess my mother has jumped on the "fuck shadeshaman's boundaries, I'm sending a postcard anyway" bandwagon along with my father. Funny how they could never agree on any positive parenting, but they could sure come together in shitting on me. Ah, family....

Anyway, I'm taking something positive away from this crap. Sometimes, I get to feeling sad and blue because I feel like I'm so alone. And sometimes I think that if I could connect in some way with my family, I'd feel less lonely--in short, when I feel isolated, I second-guess my decision to sever ties with my family of origin. But then I get a postcard from my mother, with her crazyvague weirdness, and I think, "Well, *I* give a shit about me. I've given enough of a shit about myself over the years to get away from a toxic family and to take care of myself. And I continue to take care of myself."

So, thanks, crazy mother, for reconfirming my choice.


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"yet when it's suggested that they build relationships based on choice rather than genetics, i'm somehow the crazy one."

yep. me thinks the way you do. fo sho.