Super Mama gets some Rest

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My daughter went to the circus last night with our neighbor. We had already been to her dance class, my husband had come home from work, taken his daily nap... and then shuttled my oldest to his baseball game. I was sitting in the living room with my four-year-old and two-year-old wondering what the heck do we do now? We were played out, after building a tower and a jump for a tennis ball, playing catch and a really fun but really long game of charades. With my house being reasonaly clean and my older kids being attended to by other people I found myself suddenly lost.. There was nobody to follow around with a dust pan to pick up his mess.. there was nobody asking for help with her homework or begging to call one of her friends. I had already done my schoolwork and prepared dinner... The kids were clean and I had been to the store earlier to buy, cat litter, dog food and bird food. There was nothing to do but relax. It was a strange and odd feeling as my two little ones sat next to me on the couch and watched cartoons not asking for anything, they were tired too.
I made a cup of tea and wondered what the heck I will do with myself when all my kids are grown.


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I have had one or two (literally) of those moments in the last 2 years. The most alarming thing is the degree to which I have to talk myself down from FINDING some task to fill the space. Even 5 minutes to breath deeply is foreign in my life, and I have to actually discipline myself to grab them when they do float by. It is amazing how strong and persistent the inner "Go, go, go!" is.

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You've inspired me.

BD is out, kids are bathed, fed and in bed, and I was GOING to get caught up on some housework. After reading this, I think I'm just going to go to sleep.

Your afternoon sounds great.

"Step off my big ass."

- Anthromom