Sunday's supers

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1. waking up being held and smiled at and kissed and loved

2. staying in bed listening to my son & my man making pancake batter & bacon

3. going to church with the kids - everyone commented on my children : ) "oh we've met your daughter (his daughter), and it's so nice to meet your son now"

4. how well my son impressed the teachers of the class he chose to attend on his own at church today, too

5. I am grateful that this girl (read maybe in her 30s) i had met before made a point of finding me & introducing me to her father & explaining with much sorriness why she had not been able to get back to me when i had called & reaffirming that she DID want to get together for the things we had discussed (a women's group, a knitting group, etc)

6. so appreciative that our "go home after church" day became a family day and "stay for dinner" again night ; )

7. so thankful for daughter who stayed home longer than she had planned so we could stay longer than we had planned

8. so glad Little Dude & Mr Right's daughter are getting along so wonderfully! AND incredulously to everyone their cat who is supposedly soo slow to warm up to folks (besides me, she loves me) LICKED Little Dude - making everyone's jaws drop in amazement - she has never licked any of them!

9. grateful for long conversations about the future

10. I thank the Universe so much for the Love I am receiving and giving back