sun shiny Saturday, so what?

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1. i am grateful for -- my friends who have been there while i am feeling so low

2. i am grateful for knowing it is hormonal and thus, shall too pass

3. i am grateful for knowing it is seasonal and thus, shall too pass

4. i am grateful for my horoscope reminding me that I "may need to handle your own feelings of abandonment, yet you could also benefit from the emotional space that is being offered to you now. Don't turn a current event into a major drama or you might cause more trouble than it's worth." -- cuz it is my past issues of abandonment not anything Mr Right is doing or not doing.

5. i am grateful for music of the Irish & Seasonal varieties to help me

6. i am grateful i can be gentle enough to not beat myself up over my lack of any sort of solid productivity this week all alone - i felt all alone, i felt mired in much & adrift at the same time, I gave myself space to feel it and be honest about it

7. i am grateful i didn't pretend to be soo anything else

8. i am grateful i did what work i have this week

9. i am grateful for opportunities on the horizon

10. i am very grateful i do know deep down regardless of what i may feel at a given moment that i am loved & cared for so deeply and completely by someone so special