Sometimes, I make weird decisions

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Sometimes, I get a wild hair up my ass and I spend money on shit that I maybe shouldn't. This happens about once a year. I just ordered a really awesome pair of ear-plugs (earrings for people with large "gauges") online. I've been wanting them for about 3 years, and I went to the store where I would expect to find them today, only to be told that the manufacturer won't be making them anymore as these particular plugs use a lot more material than their other designs, but the guys at the store said I might be able to find the plugs at the manufacturer's online shop.
I found them.
I paid full retail.
Please tell me these are the most awesome earplugs you have ever seen and that I totally deserve them and that I will easily attract the money to fill the void in my bank account that the purchase of these plugs created. But mostly tell me how pretty they are.