sometimes i guess i love stereotypes.

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this was a bumpersticker on a truck at the library this afternoon. it really pissed me off, and i had to think about it for awhile before i could admit why.

it's because, as much as i dislike stereotypes, this bumper sticker invoked a clear picture of the person who probably drives that truck. and here's the the picture that i get: it's a white guy, older, graying, walks with a cane, hates 'homos', thinks anyone who's not white is lazy and 'taking advantage of the system', is disgusted to see the country going down the drain thanks to 'all those damn immigrants', thinks english is the only language that should ever be spoken (anywhere), believes the answer to poverty is for poor women to stop having damn kids, thinks the answer to all of the world's problems is to bomb whatever country bush has currently decided to wage war on, and (drumroll please) SUPPORTS THE MCCAIN-PALIN TICKET. so in other words, i don't like him.

and i inferred all this from a sticker on someone's car that really only says they believe they should have the right to own a gun. it took me awhile today to be able to admit it to myself, but i'm awfully quick to judge when it comes to people whose opinions are completely different from mine. i despise stereotypes when they are applied to people i support, but when it comes to people i 'dislike', it all seems to fit into a neat little package. like what i did today when i saw that sticker: in my mind, conservatives are all grumpy old white guys who drive pickup trucks with rifles under the passenger seat. i know that it's so, so wrong to do this but it's automatic for me when it comes to certain 'types' of people. i loathe this about myself.


p.s- notice the bird shit all over the bumper? teehee.


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because my mom is in the NRA & she drives a truck but she most definitely does not support the McPailin ticket :P I don't think she'd rock this bumper sticker though

next time you see a truck like this picture an adorable older mama!

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What you learned is a very powerful lesson! In honest sincerity I am telling you it is hard to see the world outside of our own prejudices, and to recognize how those prejudices impact our interactions with others. You are to be congratulated for processing all that crapola, because it is the issues personified and not the individual person in need of close scrutiny. Necessarily it is an actual person (or collectively, people) who pound those issues we may not like, but when we see our own failings in our belief systems (as prejudices are) it is easier to humanize someone who might be diametrically opposed to our beliefs and maybe through respecting that humanity - change their support of those issues and related policies.

Simply put, the enemy is not that "guy,etc."; the enemy is our own failings in educating and presenting our perspectives in a way that makes sense to that "guy, etc." Not critically evaluating our prejudices is just one barrier in that connection.

That's a lot to 'chew on' for one day! best wishes in your process.

Sonya SmithWong sagely said, "dig down deep and light a Mary candle before you go!"

Sonya SmithWong sagely said, "dig down deep and light a Mary candle before you go!"

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He is a NRA life member and he votes...Democrat.

I keep telling him he cannot put the NRA sticker in the car window..but he did.

We were at the range this weekend for him to sight in his rifles for hunting season. I saw this funky ass little piece of paper espousing the evils of Obama. He laughed as I ripped it off the post and tossed it into the garbage.

Unfortunately there are not any hippie gun toting groups for him to belong to.

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i guess anyone who wants to join a group that defends their right to have a gun is pretty limited in their options. it's like, you can join the conservative one dick cheney is part of,, that's it.

sucky, i guess. but thanks for pointing out that not everyone driving around with an NRA sticker is an evil old man out for world domination and white supremacy!! i knew that, of course, but hearing some proof drives it home a little.

your hubby and bitch-face's mom should start their own gun club! they can call it LWaV (liberals with a vengeance). HA!

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I had an NRA sticker on our old car, and someone scraped it off, which cracked me up to no end. Guess seeing it right next to my enviro stickers and what not made their head explode LOL. I'm not a member of the NRA, but I believe in the right to bear arms. This always surprises people as I am a hippie-type and folks have that stereotype about what 'gun folks' are like. ah well.

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I suspect many of us find ourselves with a similar thought process. I haven't read the other comments so not sure if this has been brought up BUT, it struck me as I read "your" stereotye for NRA how it sure doesn't fit Sar*# Pali#. Talk a bout a gun totin' NRA FANATIC. In some ways I find this scarier than any grumpy old white guy. Know your enemy? It's hard sometimes - they can be so well disguised.

The heart has its reasons whereof Reason knows nothing.
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The heart has its reasons whereof Reason knows nothing.
- Blaise Pascal