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if you haven't yet, please listen to the WTF podcast with todd glass. if you're not familiar with the WTF podcast, you would probably enjoy it, if you enjoy this site. anyway, comedian todd glass came out on one episode. i don't think that's a spoiler because the meat of the conversation is what follows. todd shares why he picked now, how he worked up the nerve, and what comments from other people felt like at different stages in his life.

seriously, i'm a fan of the podcast, i play it while i putz around the house trimming the dogs' nails or scrubbing the terlit, but this one made me stop and sit right in front of the speakers till it was over. my kid listened with me, and reminded me that i could also stop my [ironic] use of the word "gay," if i'm so moved, and that i could substitute takei, per this youtube vid:

here is the podcast: