solo sunny Sunday

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1. persistence pays off -- working out details on two ghostwriting gigs

2. possibility of other things is a good thing to wake up to

3. slept in late as i went to bed *late* as i was talking with my bestie & he made me feel all sorts of better about stuff - it is amazingly wonderful to have a man's pov who you are not involved with, who truly only wants the best for you to talk shit thru with

4. grateful I feel i am in a position to have something to offer someone in worse circumstances - even if there were no replies, i feel good i could & did reach out & offer

5. so appreciative of how the mind works when soaking in a tub late at night. early morning -- resolved a personal issue and hit upon a concept i was missing

6. I APPRECIATE my positivity which i found this morning ... may it stick like glue to my ass

7. i am grateful for possible resolution of current situations which have been getting under my skin

8. I am soooo happy my little son comes home to spend the night & part of tomorrow with me

9. i am so grateful i never disbelieved in myself or those who love me

10. i am grateful for triple chocolate Boston cream pie -- oh hell yeah